2017 – Zanna’s installation and performance artworks

2017 – Zanna’s installation and performance artworks

Έκθεση σύγχρονης τέχνης στα Λαγκάδια ορεινής Αρκαδίας,
με την υποστήριξη της Living Country

Τίτλος έκθεσης «Είστ’ ούλοι φερμένοι;»
Κτίριο Μαθητικού Κέντρου Λαγκαδίων, κεντρικός δρόμος.
Ζωγραφική, installation, performance.
Διάρκεια έκθεσης 29/7/2017 – 30/09/2017.

Zanna Artemi presents her new personal creations –consisting of paintings as well as installation and performance artworks– at the village of Lagkadia in Arcadia, in a deserted building of 1860, vividly reflecting the ravages of time and hence constituting an ideal stage set.

The title of the exhibition –“Hast thou come here all together?”– is closely connected with local grandmothers’ habit of asking people who arrived at the village from Athens if they had brought their family as well. In fact, they used to say in Greek, “Iste ouloi fermenoi?”. This idiom means, “Hast thou come here all together?” and derives from a local dialect that is still in use.

Once again this summer, nothing was expected to disturb the life of a village known for the skill of local craftsmen in stone carving. That was until the moment the idea of a contemporary art exhibition was born, an exhibition that would be presented in the place where it belongs. Its objective is to give food for thought by questioning and redefining man’s place in nature and thus promote the idea of a more peaceful coexistence.

As you look the village from above, you let your eyes caress the buildings that are set amphitheatrically on the slope, thus resembling the vertebral column in structure. The same impression is created inside the building that hosts the modern art exhibition. A long corridor leads to many beautifully articulated rooms. Just like the houses of the village, the rooms where the Zanna Artemi’s works are installed can tell unique stories, of the same beauty as the texts the artist has chosen to accompany the exhibits.

Raising a wide range of issues –relating to the meaning of life, the fertility of the land and the complexity of the surrounding flora– the exhibition invites us to explore the world of art and see things from another perspective. As Jannis Kounellis put it, “This is why the artist becomes an artist. For what is missing”.

Σχεδιασμός – Οργάνωση – Υποστήριξη: Living Country
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