2015 – Christos Chrissopoulos

The series of portraits of Zanna Artemis with the title «200» seems to be appropriated something from the systematicity of literature, while it explores the face of the man of the Athenian roads.

2012 – A(n)tonis Vathis

The most interesting aspect of Zanna’s painting is the horizon. And this is due to her innocence and her genuineness, while she strives with her brushes to paint waves and blue ports. With little boats, and sand, and salt, and cranes, and buoys, and clouds, and froth she brings her horizon up and down, risking to be mistaken, but like iean Genet’s Tightrope walker she manages to balance without demur.

2011 – Georges Skythos

The present time already becomes past time. The grey, dark potted colors render buildings, welcome sparks and tensions of colors, following an unreal dance in a rhythm reminiscent of a childhood age. Butterflies, balloons, kites, figures of acrobats, lead to another place of metaphysical actions.

2010 – Peggy Kounenaki

Zanna, through her work does nothing else but expresses herself; her thoughts, meditations, beliefs, wishes. She aims at causing deeper feelings in the viewer, introducing him into her world, which though void of elements of a faithful descriptive reality, may lead him into paths where memory, feelings and emotional tensions have the preeminence. The painter wishes to rise up and react – and is quite successful in doing so – against a reality from which many wish escaping. With art as a vehicle, she attempts the breakthrough from the mundane and ranged here and now that does not appear suiting her at all.

2006 – Aphroditi Andreola

Her “Inner Thoughts” of Zanna originate from experimental, existential conditions as well as from her wishes of exploring her artistic and social identity, expressing at the same time a personal deportment of life.”

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