2015 – Christos Chrissopoulos


(They are the degrees of the visual field of the human, everything we see falls into this territory. Beyond that we cannot see anything.)
The series of portraits of Zanna Artemis with the title «200» seems to be appropriated something from the systematicity of literature, while it explores the face of the man of the Athenian roads.
With the typological persistence of Mimiamvos, of that literary genre which from the era of Heronda studies the human type, the imprinting of Ζ.Α. accumulates elements of the character of the faces that succeed one another, in order to deliver their personality to the formation of a catholic face.
The face of the people of Ζ.Α., two-dimensional, straight and fearless, looks at the viewer directly. It doesn’t seem to make a dialogue with him, but to declare its presence, being emancipated from every emotional transaction.
By this way, the work of Ζ.Α. «200»  becomes a political statement of the other’s existence, something that in the current conjuncture acquires a meaning and reference to the face of all those “others” that are flooding the European cities.
Let’s see these portraits as frozen moments in time. As an opportunity to study what our daily life does not make it easy: how looks like the stranger who stands against us.
Christos Chrissopoulos
Author – Photographer
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